Gestures are the indicationful moving of certain parts of the body for a nonverbal communication. In the computer industry one e.g. knows gestures of certain input devices like the mouse, Table PC or Track Pad. Inputs over gestures leave themselves intuitively would drive out, because they tie on movement samples already learned and adapt these. The Multitouch Technology is suitable well for the entry of simple gestures. So movements can be simply recognized as left or right and forms such as circle, square and triangle and occupied with a function. For mobile devices this extension is an essential role for the organization and optimization of the user interface. Usability tests attempt that complex gestures can be recognized, but they are not really useful to working with. The input of gestures should be as fast and simply as possible and should not interrupt the input flow. If one reduces the gestures to the four main directions (right, down, left, above) and the finger status (onPress, onRelease), it can be developed a variety of simple gestures by addition and combination of several gestures.